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Our approach to
empowering startups

At Monosoft, we understand the fundamental principles that drive success for startups. With our expertise and dedication, weʼre here to empower your startup dreams, ensuring that our software development initiatives align perfectly with your vision and goals.ExpertiseLet’s Work

The philosophy
of our startup approach

every step of the way according to your needs
We understand the unique journey that startups embark upon. We recognize the significance of flexibility, innovation, and cost-effectiveness as you lay the foundation for your business.Throughout every stage of our collaboration, we prioritize communication and transparency. We keep you fully informed, actively engaged, and in control. This way, you can have unwavering confidence in the progress and the exceptional quality of your software development project. Together, weʼll turn your startup aspirations into reality.

So how exactly will
we collaborate?


Quick Start

Rapid Onboarding

We kick off our partnership with a conversation to get to know you and your startupʼs vision, swiftly understanding your immediate needs.
Book a call!

Project Scoping

Flexible Roadmap

We quickly move to project scoping, where we collaboratively define your software requirements. This agile approach allows us to adapt to changes as your startup evolves.We will create a flexible roadmap, enabling us to adapt to your evolving priorities as you navigate the dynamic startup landscape.


Turbocharged Development

Our development team operates in rapid sprints, delivering tangible results at each iteration. This approach allows us to respond swiftly to your feedback and changes.

Continuous Collaboration

We encourage and value your feedback throughout the development process. That’s why we maintain an open line of communication, ensuring that you have a say in the direction of the project at every turn.

Efficient Lean Quality Testing

Quality assurance is embedded into the development process to keep the pace without compromising on quality.
When working with a startup we make sure that result meets expectation at each stage of development
Product Discoveryarrow
UX Consultingarrow
YesNoDoes the product meets expectations?
Development, design
UI / UX Designarrow
Software developmentarrow
Market fit test
YesNoDoes the product meets expectations?
Let's launch
Quality assurancearrow
Testing with usersarrow

Still got questions? Would you like drop us a message or give us call?

We will answer them directly and precisely. Just contact us and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you want.Let’s Work

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But don’t hesitate to write us if you have more questions
What types of software do you develop?
We have experience building web and mobile applications for startups. This includes MVPs, SAAS products, and apps to support specific business needs.
How long does it take to develop software?
Software development timelines vary depending on the specific requirements. For an MVP, expect 3-6 months. More complex projects may take 6-12 months. We provide estimates after an initial discovery call.
What is your development process?
Our process is agile, iterative, and focused on delivering value quickly. It involves requirements gathering, design, development in sprints, testing, and deployment. We emphasize frequent communication and getting feedback from clients.
How do you ensure code quality?
We follow best practices for design patterns, security, and performance. Our developers are trained in techniques like test-driven development and code reviews. We also perform third-party security and performance audits on projects.
What is your pricing model?
We offer both hourly and fixed-price contracts. For startups, we recommend a hybrid model—fixed price for core MVP features and hourly thereafter to adapt to your evolving needs in a cost-effective way. One-time setup fees may also apply.

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